How do I transfer my cPanel account from another host?

Please note, the provider you are transferring from must use cPanel in order for us to transfer the account for you.
To transfer your account from another cPanel host:
Log into your old provider and create a cPanel Full Account backup. (Note: do not change the filename of the file it creates as it is necessary for restoration).
When the backup is complete, you can do either of the following with the .tar.gz it creates:
Upload it to your HostMantis accounts /home folder and submit a ticket to have the account restored
Make the file publicly available on your old providers server and submit a ticket asking for the account to be restored and provide us the link to download the file in the ticket. (recommended)
Please note that your current HostMantis cPanel account will need to be terminated in order to do the transfer, so anything you have done or created (email addresses, databases, etc.) up to this point will be overwritten with the data from your provided backup.
Also, note that restores are dependent on the data provided to us. If there are any issues with the data in the backup and it fails to restore, we cannot be held responsible. So we do not suggest terminating your old account with your old provider until you are certain your account has been properly transferred and everything is acceptable.
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