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Can I change my billing cycle?   Can I change my billing cycle? Yes! Simply submit a ticket and let us know the billing cycle... How do I cancel my account? Hello,You can properly cancel your account from the client... How do I make an advanced payment? Advanced payments can be made by simply adding funds to your accounts credit balance.Invoices... How do I order more hosting accounts and services? To order more hosting accounts and services go to our site at then... How do I pay using Apple Pay?   To pay using Apple Pay, you must be using a supported Apple device and Safari browser.... How do I transfer my HostMantis account to another person or company? To transfer your HostMantis account to another person, the person you want to transfer it to... I get the error invalid bitcoin address when trying to pay with bitcoin We use BitPay for bitcoin payment processing.If you receive the error "Invalid bitcoin address",... I paid for my hosting with Bitcoin, but it is still not active. When using Bitpay/Bitcoin, payment confirmations are done by Bitpay that can take up to an hour... I was late making a payment... I was late making a payment and now my account is suspended. How do I get it unsuspended? Once... What forms of payment do you accept? We currently accept:PayPalCredit CardApple PayBitCoinAll payments are made securely with SSL... What happens if I am late making a payment? All account invoices must be paid no later than 3 days after the date due. As per our Terms of... What happens to my promotional code if I downgrade? Promotional codes do not support downgrading.   If you originally used a promotional code with... Where do I login to check my account? Please log into the client area to access your account info:...
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