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Adding domain name with international characters such as ñ gives an error that it is invalid If you receive the error "invalid domain" when trying to create a domain in cPanel that has... Can I restore a DirectAdmin backup on HostMantis?   I have a backup from a DirectAdmin server, can I restore it on HostMantis?   Yes! Upload the... Do you have a manual for the control panel? It is located at: How do I disable the Billing and Support menu in cPanel? In your cPanel account, you will find the following Billing & Support menu item:If for some... I'm receiving a Brute Force error If you are receiving a brute force error when trying to log into your cPanel account there are... Something is eating up my monthly bandwidth! Hello, To find out what exactly is using the bandwidth, you would need to refer to your logs.... What is a control panel? A control panel, from a web hosting point of view, is a web based program where you can access... When logging into cPanel I receive the error "Invalid Login"... If you receive the error "Invalid Login" when attempting to log into cPanel, it is because your... Where can I view or reset my cPanel password? Please note: Your client area username and password is NOT the same as your cPanel/FTP username... Where do I log into my control panel? You can login at: or http://serveripaddress/cpanel cPanel - Warning! You are logged in with the reseller or root password, but not If you log into a cPanel account normally and see the notice: Warning! You are logged in with... cPanel File Manager Show Hidden Files dialog box does not appear When entering cPanel's  File Manager a dialog box normally appears allowing you to choose to...
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