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How can I accept payments from my customers?   If you would like to accept payments for merchandise/services you provide on your... How can I redirect from www to non-www You can add the following code to your .htaccess file to redirect www to non-www:... How can I see my current IP address? A question we receive quite frequently is: "I need to know my current public IP address. How can... How can I upgrade my hosting plan? If you current hosting plan qualifies for an upgrade, you can do so from the client area:... How do I access my website before DNS updates/propagates? You can access your website by using the server name or IP address and your username:... How do I cancel my service? Cancelling a Service: You can properly cancel a service from our client... How do I change my cPanel/FTP password? Please note: Your client area username and password is NOT the same as your cPanel/FTP username... How do I clear my DNS cache on my MAC? OS X Mountain Lion or Lion Use the following Terminal command to reset the DNS cache: sudo... How do I contact HostMantis support? You can email us directly at using the email account listed on your... How do I enable Directory Listing? By default our servers have Directory Listing set to off. This means if a folder does not have a... How do I execute .cgi and .pl scripts outside of the main cgi-bin? If you have to execute a .cgi or .pl file outside of your main cgi-bin, such as an addon domain... How do I find a HostMantis promotional code? You can find the latest HostMantis promotional codes by following us on... How do I install SSL?   How do I install an SSL certificate on a domain?   HostMantis offers free SSL certificates... How do I password protect a file? The easiest way to password protect files is to use cPanel's Password Protect Directories... How do I purchase a dedicated IP address? Dedicated IP addresses can be purchased from the client area ( Go to... How do I transfer my cPanel account from another host? Please note, the provider you are transferring from must use cPanel in order for us to transfer... How do I turn off Directory Listing? In cPanel: Scroll down to the Advanced section and choose "Index Manager"Choose to open "Web... How do I unsubscribe from HostMantis newsletters and marketing emails? From our client area:My Details --> Newsletter Opt-out --> Tick to unsubscribe from our... How to unblock an IP address that is blocked in a servers firewall? From time to time our servers firewalls may inadvertently block an IP address, but no worries,... I can't delete a file or folder, what do I do? If you are trying to delete a file or folder in FTP and/or your File Manager and receive an error... I created an add-on domain, what nameservers do I use? When creating an add-on domain, parked domain for your account, you will need to use the same... Redirect from HTTP to HTTPS using htaccess You can use the following code to redirect visitors from HTTP to HTTP using your .htaccess... There are bots spamming, how to stop spam on my forum? If bots are spamming your forum, they can waste your bandwidth and also cause load issues for...
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