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How do I cancel my service? Print

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Cancelling a Service:

You can properly cancel a service from our client area:

Click "Services" and then click "My Services"

Find the service you want to cancel and click the "Active" button.

From the "Actions" menu on the left, click "Request Cancellation".
You will then be able to choose when to cancel the service (immediately or end of billing cycle).
The service will then be automatically cancelled and terminated (all data is completely removed from our servers) for you at the time you have chosen, so be sure on your decision to cancel.


Cancelling Domain Names:

For domain name renewals, if you do not want to renew the domain name, please disable auto-renew for the domain name in our client area as well.

Cancelling Addon Services:


Addon services cannot be automatically cancelled and require manual cancellation. If you need to cancel an addon service, please submit a ticket to request cancellation of the addon service.


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