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Can I change my main account domain name? No longer using your domain or your domain has expired, but you still want to keep your hosting... How do I change the whois contact information for my domain with HostMantis? Log into the client area:, go to "Domains" and then "My... How do I enable privacy protection for my domain name? ID protection can be purchased for your domains purchased from us using our client area:From our... How do I order using a subdomain? If you are trying to submit your order using a subdomain:   You will... How do I transfer my domain away from HostMantis? In order to transfer your domain away from HostMantis, you need to do the following:1. Unlock the... How do I transfer my domain name to HostMantis? Please keep in mind, you do not need to transfer your domain name to HostMantis in order to use... How do I update the nameservers for a domain I registered with HostMantis? From our client area, go to Domains --> My Domains Find the domain name you want to update... How do I use a domain name purchased through HostMantis with another hosting provider? Your new provider should have provided you with nameservers for your hosting account (i.e.... How long does it take to transfer my domain to HostMantis? Once the domain owner/registrant approves the transfer request, the losing registrar has 5 days... How to create a wildcard subdomain in cPanel? To do so you need to create a wild card subdomain.In cPanel, go to "Subdomains" and create a... How to get the EPP/Transfer code for my domain I registered with HostMantis? If you would like to transfer a domain you purchased from HostMantis to another registrar and... How to hide subdomains from Google search? If you have subdomains that you want to keep from being indexed by Google along with you main... I already own a domain name I bought from another registrar, how do I use it with HostMantis? To use a domain name you bought from another provider, you need only change the nameservers at... I bought an additional domain name from HostMantis, how do I use it with my account? When you purchase an additional domain name from HostMantis, it will automatically be set to use... I transferred my domain name, but I don't see my website files! If you are transferring your domain to HostMantis and you have an active website that is hosted... I've updated my nameservers but my domain doesn't work! Nameserver updates are not always instant and it all depends on how fast your local ISP updates... In the client area under "My Domains", I do not see my domain. "My Domains" in the client area only shows you domains you have registered/purchased through... Invalid Domain error when ordering If you receive the error "Invalid Domain" during the ordering process when trying to enter a... Should I transfer my domain or just update my domains nameservers? You can keep your domain registered with your current domain registrar or you can transfer it to... Transferring a domain from Godaddy to HostMantis Once you have received the transfer request email at the administrative contact for the domain,... Updating DNS records on a domain purchased without hosting? DNS records changes can be made on domains purchased with us without hosting from our client...
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