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PHP X-Ray Now Available!

  • 28th January 2021
PHP X-Ray Now Available! CloudLinux PHP X-Ray is now available on in all of our shared hosting environments!   What is PHP X-Ray? PHP X-Ray allows you to analyze a websites resource usage and find where the high resource usage is coming from (scripts, database calls, etc.)   How do I use PHP X-Ray? From your cPanel or DirectAdmin ...
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Hosting Plans Now In São Paulo!!!

  • 14th January 2021
New HostMantis Linux/cPanel Shared, Reseller and Enterprise hosting plans now available in São Paulo!!! Due to the very high demand we have received for hosting plans in South America, we have expanded to São Paulo, Brazil!Now South American clients can have the same great HostMantis shared and reseller hosting as our other locations, now in ...
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Inode Limits? What Inode Limits?

  • 14th December 2020
HostMantis - No More Inode Limits!Due to many requests we have removed all inode limits for all hosting plans!!!   What is an inode? An inode is basically 1 file (e.g. 1 image, 1 email, 1 web page, etc.). Our updated and current resource limits can be viewed in our knowledgebase, which can be found ...
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PHP 8.0 Now Available!

  • 6th December 2020
PHP 8.0 Now Available! Due to many requests, we have enabled PHP version 8.0 in our cPanel and DirectAdmin shared hosting environments. You can enable the PHP version of your choice from your cPanel or DirectAdmin control panel using the PHP Selector.   *Please note that since PHP 8.0 is still considered new, not all PHP modules are ...
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