Reseller Plan FAQ

Q. How long does it take to setup my reseller account?
A. Accounts are setup instantly after you have signed up and payment is made. You will be e-mailed all your account information within minutes!

Q. How long has your web hosting service been in business?
A. We have been offering private web hosting services since Feb 2005. We entered the public market as Plexihost ( in Feb 2010. We changed our name/brand from Plexihost to HostMantis in Sept 2010.

Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee?
A. Yes. We have a 30 day money back guarantee!

Q. Are backups included with my reseller plan?
A. We perform weekly backups of all the accounts on our servers that are 5GB or less. However, resellers are responsible for their own backups and the backups of their clients. The backups we perform are for disaster recovery purposes only and not meant to be requested because a file was deleted, etc.

Q. What is your uptime guarantee?
A. We have a 99.9%+ uptime guarantee. You can view our uptime stats here:

Q. What methods do you accept for payment?
A. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Bitcoin and Apple Pay. All payments are made securely with SSL encryption.

Q: Will I have my own nameservers with my reseller plan?
A. Yes, your account will be setup with your own nameservers i.e. and

Q: Can I speed test your connection?
A: Yes. Download this 5MB test file.

Q: Do you have a test IP?
A: To test the speed of our data centers network, you can use the following IP addresses: 



Lenoir, NC:


London, UK:

Sydney, Australia:

New York, USA:

Paris, France:

Q: What version of cPanel WHM will I have?
A: We use the latest production release of WHM. Click Here for a demo.

Q: Can I oversell with my reseller plan?
A. Yes, overselling is enabled.

Q: Can I offer unlimited plans with my reseller plan?
A. Your can offer unlimited features, such as: add-on domains, subdomains, email accounts, databases, etc. However, offering unlimited space and transfer is not possible.

Q. I have a reseller account elsewhere, will HostMantis migrate my clients for me?
A. Sorry, account migrations are not included with our reseller hosting plans.

Q: Are there any hidden costs, or setup fees?
A. No. There are absolutely no setup fees.

Q: Do you allow Adult Content?
A: Yes, we allow legal adult content on our hosting services.

Q: Do you allow nulled scripts?
A: No, any nulled script or a script modified to bypass any copyrights are not allowed on our servers.

Q: Do you allow remote MySQL/MSSQL database access?
A: No, remote database access on our shared/reseller plans is not supported.

Q: Is SSH access included?
A: No. Our hosting plans do not include SSH access.

Q: Can I install SSL certificates in WHM?
A: Yes, you have the ability to generate CSR's in WHM to offer SSL support for your clients. However, the account you are installing an SSL certificate for must have a dedicated IP address.

Q: Do you offer a client billing program such as WHMCS?
A: Yes. We offer WHMCS as an Add-on which you can purchase from the client area after signup.

Q: Does your Terms of Service apply to resellers?
A: Yes. All aspects of our Terms of Service applies to resellers as well.

Q: Who provides support to my clients?
A: HostMantis provides server support and support for your account only. The support of your clients accounts is your responsibility.

Q: Is the service White-Label?
A: Yes! Our servers use white-label domains, hostnames, SSL certificates and software, so your clients won't know you are using HostMantis.

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