Enterprise Hosting Plans FAQ

Q: What are Enterprise Hosting Plans?
A: Enterprise hosting plans are high resource shared hosting plans that give you the power of a VPS in a shared hosting environment.

Q: Are Enterprise reseller plans? Do they allow me to create cPanel accounts?
A: No. Enterprise plans are not reseller plans and do not allow you to create cPanel accounts. Think of Enterprise plans as shared hosting plans on steroids.

Q: Who should use an Enterprise hosting plan?
A: Those that have outgrown a shared hosting environment or want the power of a VPS, but do not want to manage a server themselves are a perfect fit for an Enterprise plan.

Q: Will I have root access?
A: No, Enterprise plans have the exact same user level access as our shared hosting plans, but have much higher system resources (CPU/Memory) than our shared plans that make your site lightning fast!

Q: Can I upgrade my Enterprise hosting plan?
A: Yes! Enterprise plans can be upgraded at any time in the same easy manner as our shared hosting plans.

Q: What is included with Enterprise hosting plans?
A: With our Enterprise plans you get everything that comes with our shared hosting plans plus the added system resources to give your websites supercharged performance and eliminate the worry of a website using too much resources as with shared hosting.

Q: Do you have a test IP?
A: To test the speed of our data centers network, you can use the following IP addresses: 




London, UK:

Sydney, Australia:

USA East:

Strasbourg, France:

Q: What are the system resource limits for Enterprise hosting plans?
A: Our system resource limits can be found here: https://my.hostmantis.com/knowledgebase/260/System-Resource-Limits.html

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