Elastic Sites Hosting Plans FAQ

Q: What are Elastic Sites?
A: Elastic Sites are high resource shared hosting plans that give you the power of a VPS in a shared hosting environment.

Q: Are Elastic Sites reseller plans? Do they allow me to create cPanel accounts?
A: No. Elastic Sites plans do not allow you to create cPanel accounts. Think of Elastic Sites plans as shared hosting plans on steroids.

Q: Who should use an Elastic Sites plan?
A: Those that have outgrown a shared hosting environment or want the power of a VPS, but do not want to manage a server themselves are a perfect fit for an Elastic Sites plan.

Q: Will I have root access?
A: No, Elastic Sites plans have the exact same user level access as our shared hosting plans, but have much more available system resources (CPU/Memory) than our shared plans.

Q: Can I upgrade my Elastic Sites plan?
A: Yes! Elastic Sites plans can be upgraded at any time in the same easy manner as our shared hosting plans.

Q: What is included with Elastic Sites plans?
A: With our Elastic Sites plans you get everything that comes with our shared hosting plans plus the added system resources to give your websites supercharged performance and eliminate the worry of a website using too much resources as with shared hosting.

Q: Do you have a test IP?
A: To test the speed of our data centers network, you can use the following IP addresses: 




London, UK:

Sydney, Australia:

New York, USA:

Paris, France:

Q: What are the system resource limits for Elastic Sites?
A: Our system resource limits can be found here: https://my.hostmantis.com/knowledgebase/260/System-Resource-Limits.html

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