Q. How long does it take to setup my VPS?
A. Your dedicated serverwill be ready within 24 hours after payment has been received and your account has been verified/approved.

Q. Is there an approval process?
A. Yes, due to abuse from spammers, etc. all dedicated server and VPS orders must be manually approved. This may include a request for a copy of proper identification, such as government ID or drivers license, etc.

Q. Will I have full root access to my server?
A. Yes! All of our Linux VPS's come with root access to give you complete control over your server.

Q. How will I be able to control or manage my VPS?
A. All of our VPS's can be managed from our client area, root SSH as well as the Virtualizor control panel. optionally, cPanel WebHost Manager (WHM) for Linux or Plesk for Windows is available for a monthly fee. 

Q. Can I install any software on my VPS I choose?
A. Yes! You can install any software you like as long as you have permission/license to use to software.

Q. Can I use my VPS to send bulk email?
A. No. Any type of email marketing, bulk email or sending large amounts of email considered spam from your VPS is not permitted and will cause your account to be terminated.

Q. Which virtualization technology does HostMantis use?
A. We use KVM, which allows us to offer both Linux and Windows VPS servers.

Q. Do you perform backups of my VPS?
A. Yes! We backup all VPS containers daily (12:00AM EST). Should you need to restore your VPS from backup, you simply need to submit a support ticket asking for the VPS to be restored from the latest backup.

Q. Do you have a test IP address for you VPS node network?
A. Yes, we currently host our Linux and Windows VPS server nodes at our Lenoir, NC data center. A test IP is:

Q. Can I set custom reverse DNS for my VPS?
A. Yes, simply submit a support ticket and let us know the hostname you would like to use for the PTR record.

Q. How many IP addresses are included with my VPS? Can I request more?
A. Each VPS includes 1 static IP address. Additional IP addresses can be requested for a monthly fee. All additional IP address requests require proper justification.

Q. Do you have other operating system options for your Linux VPS plans other than CentOS?
A. Yes, we offer many other popular Linux ditros that are available to install from your Virtualizor control panel.

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