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Now using CloudLinux Reseller Limits!

  • 16th September 2021
HostMantis is now using CloudLinux Reseller Limits for all Reseller accounts! All reseller accounts will now use CloudLinux Reseller Limits.   Reseller accounts and their subaccounts will now share the reseller accounts assigned system resource limit instead of each subaccount created receiving the default limit.   The higher the reseller ...
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Backup Storage Changes and Upgrades to JetBackup 5

  • 8th July 2021
Backup Storage Changes and Upgrades to JetBackup 5     Due to poor network connectivity and performance with our current backup storage provider in our Asia region, backups have been delayed by a day or even multiple days.   These types of delays are unacceptable when trying to maintain the availability of Daily backups for our ...
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Increased DirectAdmin Capacity In London, UK!

  • 8th June 2021
Increased DirectAdmin Capacity In London, UK!     Due to the popularity of our DirectAdmin plans in our UK location, we have increased capacity!   DirectAdmin Shared hosting plans:   DirectAdmin Reseller hosting plans:   DirectAdmin ...
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We've Increased Disk I/O Limits !!!

  • 1st April 2021
HostMantis - Increased Disk I/O Limits... AGAIN!We realize that over time software and applications become more and more demanding for system resources, so we are happy to announce we have increased disk I/O limits AGAIN for all of our shared/reseller/elastic hosting plans! We have also updated our current resource limits in our knowledgebase, ...
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