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USEAST110 Server Outage

  • Sunday, 20th November, 2022
  • 10:44am

We wish to apologise to all affected clients. Our communication level on this issue has been poor, and we are taking steps to rectify the situation internally. In the future, any incident shall be announced in a timely fashion via social media and our announcements page, with regular updates following.

We want you to know that we have seen and appreciate your feedback online, on Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. We can't thank you enough for this feedback, and we are doing our best to put your comments into action. Our team is working as hard as possible to rectify the situation.

Due to a compromised client-managed website and for the protection of the larger network, a single shared hosting server (USEAST110) in the Host Mantis network was disabled by our upstream provider earlier this week. This had the significant negative impact of taking 274 clients offline. For this, we are deeply sorry. We have worked diligently to bring all clients except the one originally compromised back online since that day.

Unfortunately, our only option has been to restore from backups, and the process is taking much longer than anticipated. It was our hope that this process would be expedited quickly for individual customers, but this has not been the case. Those 273 clients will receive a credit on their account as compensation for the outage, which will be applied against their next invoice.

We understand and regret the inconvenience this has caused all impacted clients, and should anyone wish to discuss moving their services to one of our other Tier 3 data centers, we will be happy to begin the process immediately upon request.

We will continue to provide further updates here and on Twitter as the situation evolves.

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