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Updated Pricing for 2022

  • Tuesday, 12th October, 2021
  • 11:05am

As a client, we know the last thing you want to hear is anything regarding changes in pricing.

However, as a business we try to be as transparent as possible and each year we must re-evaluate our costs and our pricing structure and make any necessary changes.

Due to recent increased vendor and overall costs, we will be increasing our pricing on all hosting plans by approximately 25% effective: January 1, 2022.

Our goal is to remain sustainable and continue providing our clients with the highest level of service possible, without sacrificing features and/or quality.


The following is our updated pricing beginning January 1, 2022


*Quarterly and higher plans receive an automatic 25% discount


-cPanel Hosting Plans-


Shared Hosting:

-Entry $4.95/month $10.95/quarterly $21.95/6-month $44.95/year $88.95/2-year         $133.65/3-year

-Advanced $15.95/month $35.95/quarterly $71.95/6-month $143.95/year $286.95/2-year $430.95/3-year

-Expert $24.95/month $55.95/quarterly $111.95/6-month $224.95/year $448.95/2-year $673.95/3-year


Reseller Hosting:

-Entry $12.95/month $28.95/quarterly $57.95/6-month $116.95/year $232.95/2-year $349.95/3-year

-Advanced $36.95/month $82.95/quarterly $165.95/6-month $332.95/year $664.95/2-year $997.95/3-year

-Expert $68.95/month $154.95/quarterly $309.95/6-month $620.95/year $1240.95/2-year $1861.95/3-year


Enterprise Hosting

-Entry $20.95/month $46.95/quarterly $93.95/6-month $188.95/year $376.95/2-year $565.95/3-year

-Advanced $41.95/month $93.95/quarterly $188.95/6-month $377.95/year $754.95/2-year $377.95/3-year

-Expert $66.95/month $150.95/quarterly $300.95/6-month $602.95/year $1204.95/2-year $1807.95/3-year


Enterprise Reseller Hosting

-Entry $29.95/month $66.95/quarterly $134.95/6-month $269.95/year $539.95/2-year $808.95/3-year

-Advanced $66.95/month $150.95/quarterly $300.95/6-month $602.95/year $1204.95/2-year $1807.95/3-year

-Expert $99.95/month $224.95/quarterly $449.95/6-month $899.95/year $1798.95/2-year $2698.95/3-year



-DirectAdmin Hosting Plans-


Shared Hosting:

-Entry $2.49/month $5.95/quarterly $10.95/6-month $21.95/year $44.95/2-year         $66.95/3-year

-Advanced $5.95/month $12.95/quarterly $26.95/6-month $53.95/year $106.95/2-year $160.95/3-year

-Expert $12.95/month $28.95/quarterly $57.95/6-month $116.95/year $232.95/2-year $349.95/3-year


Reseller Hosting:

-Entry $6.95/month $15.95/quarterly $30.95/6-month $62.95/year $124.95/2-year $187.95/3-year

-Advanced $23.95/month $53.95/quarterly $107.95/6-month $215.95/year $430.95/2-year $646.95/3-year

-Expert $40.95/month $91.95/quarterly $183.95/6-month $368.95/year $736.95/2-year $1105.95/3-year


Enterprise Hosting:

-Entry $12.95/month $28.95/quarterly $57.95/6-month $116.95/year $232.95/2-year $349.95/3-year

-Advanced $29.95/month $66.95/quarterly $134.95/6-month $269.95/year $539.95/2-year $808.95/3-year

-Expert $43.95/month $98.95/quarterly $197.95/6-month $395.95/year $790.95/2-year $1186.95/3-year


Enterprise Reseller Hosting:

-Entry $21.95/month $48.95/quarterly $98.95/6-month $197.95/year $394.95/2-year $592.95/3-year

-Advanced $55.95/month $125.95/quarterly $251.95/6-month $503.95/year $1006.95/2-year $1510.95/3-year

-Expert $79.95/month $179.95/quarterly $359.95/6-month $719.95/year $1438.95/2-year $2158.95/3-year



-VPS Hosting Plans-


-V1 $11.95/month $26.95/quarterly $53.95/6-month $107.95/year $214.95/2-year $322.95/3-year

-V2 $18.95/month $42.95/quarterly $84.95/6-month $170.95/year $340.95/2-year $511.95/3-year

-V3 $29.95/month $66.95/quarterly $134.95/6-month $269.95/year $539.95/2-year $808.95/3-year

-V4 $43.95/month $98.95/quarterly $197.95/6-month $395.95/year $790.95/2-year $1186.95/3-year



We thank you for your continued business!

If you have any questions, we are always here to answer them.



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