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Pricing Changes for 2021

  • Saturday, 5th December, 2020
  • 16:13pm


Since HostMantis was founded in 2010, we have continued to strive to offer the best possible service for the best possible price. Continuously adding new features and improving our services, all while not raising our prices.

In July 2019, our control panel partner (cPanel), chose to upend the web hosting industry by increasing their prices on their control panel product, which also included an extra charge per cPanel account beyond 100 accounts on a server. Since a large portion of our clients have Reseller hosting plans, the additional charge per each additional cPanel account more than tripled our costs. We made some tough decisions, necessary changes and fortunately we were able to make things work despite the increase.

More than a year has passed, and we truly hoped these types of pricing issues were behind us, but to our dismay, cPanel has announced yet another price increase. While we would prefer to absorb the increase and leave our prices unchanged, it simply cannot happen as our margins are just too small for our current licensing costs, let alone an increase.

This inability to absorb this latest pricing increase from cPanel has forced us reevaluate our services and rates in general. We looked closely at our current features, pricing and where we are headed as a web hosting provider. In doing so, we have found that in order to continue to provide a high level of service and features, we can no longer continue offering our services at rates that are far below the industry average and instead move towards a sustainable pricing model.

Therefore, effective January 1, 2021, our updated hosting plan rates will be as follows:


-cPanel Hosting Plans-

Shared Hosting:

Entry $3.95/month

Advanced   $12.95/month

Expert $19.95/month

Reseller Hosting:

Entry $9.95/month

Advanced   $29.95/month

Expert $54.95/month

Enterprise Hosting

Entry $16.95/month

Advanced $33.95/month

Expert $53.95/month


-DirectAdmin Hosting Plans-

Shared Hosting:

Entry $1.95/month

Advanced   $4.95/month

Expert   $9.95/month

Reseller Hosting:

Entry $5.95/month

Advanced   $18.95/month

Expert $32.95/month

Enterprise Hosting:

Entry $9.95/month

Advanced   $23.95/month

Expert $34.95/month


*Starter plans in our Shared, Reseller and Enterprise categories will be retired to streamline and simplify our service offering. All existing Starter plans will be automatically changed to our next available plan: Advanced.


-VPS cPanel Licenses-

cPanel Admin Cloud (5 cPanel accounts) $13.95

cPanel Pro Cloud (30 cPanel accounts) $20.95

cPanel Premier Cloud 100 (100 cPanel accounts) $34.95

cPanel Premier Cloud 200 (200 cPanel accounts) $52.95

cPanel Premier Cloud 300 (300 cPanel accounts) $70.95

cPanel Premier Cloud 400 (400 cPanel accounts) $88.95

cPanel Premier Cloud 500 (500 cPanel accounts) $105.95



We would also like to point out some of the features we have recently added (and will be adding) to add additional value to our hosting plans: 

Currently available ---> Imunify360 for all plans (cPanel and DirectAdmin)

Currently available ---> MailChannels for all plans (cPanel and DirectAdmin)

Coming Soon ---> Approximately 50% Increased NVMe disk space limits on average on all Shared/Reseller/Enterprise plans (Both cPanel and DirectAdmin)


We know some clients will have questions, so we will do our best to answer as many of them as possible here for you: 

I recently renewed my service at the previous rate (pre 2021). Will I have to pay the difference?

No. The new pricing will be set for new accounts and newly created invoices only. If you have recently ordered service or renewed your account, then you will not see any change in pricing until your next renewal date.

What options do I have to lower my costs?

If you are finding the new pricing too costly for your needs, you can:

1. Downgrade your hosting plan to a plan that is more affordable for you. (see below regarding existing promotional codes and downgrading)

2. If you are on a cPanel hosting plan you can optionally request to be moved to a DirectAdmin plan/server

While we do not like to see clients leave, you can also choose to simply not renew and cancel your service. You can easily cancel the service by submitting a cancellation request from our client area prior to your renewal date. For more information on how to submit a cancellation request, please contact us and we will guide you.

I have an active PayPal subscription for the old amount. Do I need to do anything?

Yes. Any previously created PayPal subscriptions will need to be cancelled or they will be paid automatically but will be insufficient to cover your new invoice amount. Therefore, you should log into your PayPal account and cancel the current active subscription. You will be able to create a new/correct PayPal subscription when paying your next invoice should you choose to.



Due to many request we are providing the following with all the new pricing including extended billing cycles. Please note, the following prices are the base prices and do not reflect any promotional code discounts.


-cPanel Hosting Plans-


Shared Hosting:

Entry - $3.95/month | $8.95/quarterly | $17.95/6-month | $35.95/year | $75.95/2-year | $106.95/3-year

Advanced -    $12.95/month | $29.95/quarterly | $58.95/6-month | $116.95/year | $233.95/2-year | $349.95/3-year

Expert - $19.95/month | $44.95/quarterly | $89.95/6-month | $179.95/year | $359.95/2-year | $538.95/3-year


Reseller Hosting:

Entry - $9.95/month | $22.95/quarterly | $44.95/6-month | $89.95/year | $179.95/2-year | $268.95/3-year

Advanced -    $29.95/month | $67.95/quarterly | $134.95/6-month | $269.95/year | $539.95/2-year | $808.95/3-year

Expert - $54.95/month | $123.95/quarterly | $247.95/6-month | $494.95/year | $989.95/2-year | $1483.95/3-year


Enterprise Hosting

Entry - $16.95/month | $38.95/quarterly | $76.95/6-month | $152.95/year | $305.95/2-year | $457.95/3-year

Advanced -   $33.95/month | $76.95/quarterly | $152.95/6-month | $305.95/year | $611.95/2-year | $916.95/3-year

Expert - $53.95/month | $121.95/quarterly | $242.95/6-month | $485.95/year | $971.95/2-year | $1456.95/3-year



-DirectAdmin Hosting Plans-


Shared Hosting:

Entry - $1.95/month | $4.95/quarterly | $8.95/6-month | $17.95/year | $35.95/2-year | $52.95/3-year

Advanced -    $4.95/month | $11.95/quarterly | $22.95/6-month | $44.95/year | $89.95/2-year | $133.95/3-year

Expert -     $9.95/month | $22.95/quarterly | $44.95/6-month | $89.95/year | $179.95/2-year | $268.95/3-year


Reseller Hosting:

Entry - $5.95/month | $13.95/quarterly | $26.95/6-month | $53.95/year | $107.95/2-year | $160.95/3-year

Advanced -    $18.95/month | $42.95/quarterly | $85.95/6-month | $170.95/year | $341.95/2-year | $511.95/3-year

Expert $32.95/month | $74.95/quarterly | $148.95/6-month | $296.95/year | $593.95/2-year | $889.95/3-year


Enterprise Hosting:

Entry - $9.95/month | $22.95/quarterly | $44.95/6-month | $89.95/year | $179.95/2-year | $268.95/3-year

Advanced -    $23.95/month | $53.95/quarterly | $107.95/6-month | $215.95/year | $431.95/2-year | $646.95/3-year

Expert - $34.95/month | $78.95/quarterly | $157.95/6-month | $314.95/year | $629.95/2-year | $943.95/3-year




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