Increase your HostMantis account credit for free during the month of August!


Due to many requests, we are running this promotion again!!!

We are giving 50% bonus credit for any deposit you make to your HostMantis account credit all month long during the month of August 2020!

For example, if you add $100, we will give you an additional $50!

Add $200 and we will give you an additional $100!


What is account credit?

Your HostMantis credit account is used to pay for your HostMantis account(s) as well as any additional accounts/services/addons. Account credit is deducted automatically for any new orders, invoices, renewals, etc.


How do I see my account credit?

Simply log into our client area:  From the client area, you will see “Available Credit”. From there you will also be able to “Add Funds” to your accounts credit balance.


How do I get the bonus credit?

Simply add funds to your HostMantis account credit and submit a ticket to our Sales department and let us know the invoice # and we will add the bonus amount to your account immediately!


I’ve already added funds to my credit balance this month, do I qualify for the bonus?

Absolutely! Just contact us with the invoice # you added funds to your credit balance and we will add the bonus credit for you!


As always, if you have questions, please contact us!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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