Increase your HostMantis account credit for free during the month of May!


Did you miss the credit bonus offer in April? You're in luck!

Due to many requests, we are continuing this promotion for May as well!

We are giving 50% bonus credit for any deposit you make to your HostMantis account credit all month long during the month of May 2018!

For example, if you add $100, we will give you an additional $50!

Add $200 and we will give you an additional $100!


What is account credit?

Your HostMantis credit account is used to pay for your HostMantis account(s) as well as any additional accounts/services/addons. Account credit is deducted automatically for any new orders, invoices, renewals, etc.


How do I see my account credit?

Simply log into our client area:  From the client area, you will see “Available Credit”. From there you will also be able to “Add Funds” to your accounts credit balance.


How do I get the bonus credit?

Simply add funds to your HostMantis account credit and submit a ticket to our Sales or Billing department and let us know the invoice # and we will add the bonus amount to your account immediately!


I’ve already added funds to my credit balance this month, do I qualify for the bonus?

Absolutely! Just contact us with the invoice # you added funds to your credit balance and we will add the bonus credit for you!


As always, if you have questions, please contact us!


Friday, May 11, 2018

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