WHMCS Security Notice

WHMCS announced the following security advisory today. If you are currently/actively using WHMCS, we suggest following the link and updating your WHMCS installation accordingly to protect you from the issue.   ******************************* We are writing to advise you of a potential security vulnerability when htaccess directives are not ... Leer Más »

28º Ene 2020
DirectAdmin Plans Now In Singapore!

DirectAdmin Plans Now Available In Singapore!     After many requests, we have added DirectAdmin plans in our Singapore location!!!   DirectAdmin Shared hosting plans: https://www.hostmantis.com/shared-hosting.html   DirectAdmin Reseller hosting plans: https://www.hostmantis.com/reseller-hosting.html   DirectAdmin Enterprise ... Leer Más »

23º Ene 2020
DirectAdmin Enterprise Plans Now Available!!!

DirectAdmin Enterprise Plans Now Available!     After many requests, we have added DirectAdmin Enterprise plans!!!   What are Enterprise plans? Enterprise plans are our top of the line shared hosting plans that allow much higher system resource limits (CPU/Memory/IO) than our normal shared hosting plans. This provides your website the ... Leer Más »

22º Ene 2020
DirectAdmin Plans Now Available!!!

DirectAdmin Plans Now Available!     After many, many requests, DirectAdmin shared and reseller plans are now available!   What is DirectAdmin? DirectAdmin is an additional control panel that is considered a cost effective alternative to cPanel and therefore has lower pricing than our cPanel plans.    Why offer DirectAdmin? Since ... Leer Más »

10º Ene 2020
IPv6 Now Supported!

IPv6 Now Supported!     After many requests, IPv6 is now available on all of our Linux/cPanel servers!   What is IPv6?   IPv6 is an updated Internet Protocol designed to replace IPv4. Since IPv4 doesn’t have enough IP addresses to go around, IPv6 was created to fix that. IPv6 has about 340 undecillion IP addresses, so the ... Leer Más »

3º Nov 2019
DNSSEC Now Available!

DNSSEC Now Available! After many requests, DNSSEC is now available for use on all of our Linux/cPanel hosting plans! What is DNSSEC? DNSSEC gives users protection from many types of DNS related attacks, such as DNS spoofing or Man-in-the-Middle Attacks.  How do I use DNSSEC? First, your registrar must support DNSSEC in order to use it with ... Leer Más »

22º Oct 2019
PHP 7.2 Now Default Version!

PHP 7.2 Now Default Version! As more and more scripts and applications have been updated to support PHP version 7+, we felt it was time again to update the default PHP version on our servers. Going forward, PHP version 7.2 will now be the default version for new accounts. If you require another PHP version, you can choose from several in your ... Leer Más »

18º Oct 2019
Blesta Now FREE!!!

Blesta now included free!!! We are now offering the Blesta Billing App FREE with all reseller plans!!! Blesta is a customer management, billing, and support system for web hosting providers and is now included FREE with any active HostMantis reseller plan! HostMantis resellers with active service can order a Free Blesta license ... Leer Más »

9º Oct 2019
Setting a different PHP version for a specific directory

Set the PHP version for a specific directory! Do you have multiple apps in your HostMantis account, but each requires a different PHP version? Now you can assign a specific PHP version for a directory!  Please check out the following knowledgebase ... Leer Más »

7º Oct 2019
SSD VPS Plans Now Available!!!

Due to high demand we are now offering SSD VPS plans!

All plans include NVMe SSD disk space, DDoS protection and full root access and much more!

Checkout our new VPS plans here:



23º Sep 2019